C.M.C.T. Collaborative Network

At present, C.M.C.T. has worked with both public and private agencies as follows:

1. Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS): Chairman of the C.M.C.T. is a committee member of the Thai PBS Board of Governors Selection Committee.

2. Ministry of Culture: C.M.C.T. is considered a key partner in the National Safe and Creative Media Development policy, organized by the Ministry of Culture

3. Confederation of Broadcasting Professional Associations: Representatives of C.M.C.T. are invited to be the judges for Nataraj Awards, organized by the Confederation of Broadcasting Professional Associations.

4. True Corporation: C.M.C.T. is a key partner in organizing “Future Journalism Awards” with True Corporation.

5. Television Commercial Censorship Club (Thailand): C.M.C.T. members serve in the national television commercial censorship committee.

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