Council of Mass Communication Scholars of Thailand : C.M.C.T.

After the Bloody May, known as Phruetsapha Thamin, which was a crackdown on people from the government in 1992, there were efforts from the media organizations and the people to reform and unleash the dissemination of media content from the government in the previous era. The reformation led to the establishment of Thailand’s first independent television station (later called ITV).

Message from the President of C.M.C.T.

“ Council of Mass Communication Scholars of Thailand (C.M.C.T.) was founded in 1992, after the event of Black May, from the collaboration of faculty members in schools and departments related to communication arts and mass communication. This is the first such organization in Thailand. For more than 30 years, C.M.C.T. has been conducting academic activities that are beneficial to society, students, and the general public, which help driving national policies. C.M.C.T. has collaboratively worked with its expanding network organizations, both public and private partners.

In the midst of the fast and disruptive changes in the world of communication, C.M.C.T., which consists of faculty members of communication arts and mass communication schools from all regions of Thailand, is determined to move forward as one of the academic pillars of mass communication, and seek cooperation with every agency both domestically and internationally to expand the potential to create the greatest benefit to Thai society.

— Assistant Professor Warat Karuchit, President of C.M.C.T.

Missions of C.M.C.T.

To promote collaboration and exchange for professional education development and mass communication ethics, to promote the rights and freedoms of the public to news and information and to improve rules and regulations related to mass communication, to promote the study, research, and to give advice on mass communication policies for public interest, to promote and support students’ activities in the field of mass communication and also to participate in other charitable activities.

Council of Mass Communication Scholars of Thailand

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